The whistleblower platform for
Helaba employees


What’s special about WhistProtect®

You decide on the path you use to provide information and can communicate with the ombudspersons without having to disclose your identity.

You can choose either direct contact with a legal ombudsperson or you can make your report to the ombudspersons in a specially-protected digital space via untraceable electronic paths.

The whistleblower platform for Helaba employees

Confidentiality and data protection in all paths

Your reports will be received solely and personally by the confidential lawyers Dr Caroline Jacob or Dr Rainer Buchert and will be handled with absolute confidentiality. The facts will be forwarded to the Compliance, Anti-money-laundering and Anti-fraud Department only if you consent expressly to this. Your identity remains confidential unless you wish it to be disclosed.

The advantages to you as a whistleblower

  • You benefit from double protection of your identity: through the option of a specially-protected transfer path and the always guaranteed obligation to confidentiality of the lawyers and your legal right to refuse to give evidence.
  • You can choose between confidential personal contact and a written report through a secure channel.
  • Uncomplicated, confidential advice from the ombudspersons is available to you.

The system is not a complaints body nor a suggestions box. In case of doubt, we will be happy to advise you. Whistleblowers bear no costs.

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Direct contact

I would like direct contact to the ombudspersons Dr Caroline Jacob or Dr Rainer Buchert:

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BKMS® System Helaba

I would like to make a report via the specially-protected BKMS® System:

BKMS® System