Provides whistleblower trust and reliable protection

WhistProtect® links the institution of an ombudsperson with an exceptionally protected electronic reporting system.

Our scheme and its benefits


Whistleblower-Systems constitute essential components for Compliance-Management-Systems

Proven whistleblower-systems consist of ombudspersons / counsel of trusts and electronic reporting systems.

WhistProtect® is a new whistleblower platform offered and developed by compliance-experts Dr. Buchert & Partner in close co-operation with Business Keeper AG, which dovetails both systems leading to optimal coverage.

It combines the institution of ombudspersons (Counsel of Trusts) with an exceptionally protected and multiple certified internet based communication appliance (BKMS® System).

The Essentials of WhistProtect®

The whistleblower decides which way of tipping he wishes to communicate either openly or without disclosure of his identity to the ombudspersons.

Direct Contact to Ombudsperson

The whistleblower chooses the direct contact with the legal ombudsperson – either by telephone or personally.

Communication is currently possible in English and German.


Electr. reporting via BKMS® System

The whistleblower reports into an exceptionally protected digital space which is not retraceable.

Choosing this option is available in all desired languages.

All entries are sent directly to the ombudspersons. Only they will read and process incoming hints. This guarantees confidentiality on a high level of data protection.

WhistProtect® workflow


  • Dovetails the ombudsperson-system with an electronic reporting system
  • Guarantees the optimum of information extracted from hints
  • Overcomes language barriers
  • Safeguards continous availability (24/7/365)
  • Meets all legal framework conditions
  • Adapts to changing communication patterns in society

Benefits for Companies and Whistleblower


  • It receives an optimized, completely externally set-up whistleblower system with optimal cost-value ratio.
  • Acceptance of hints and first processing as well as all consulting services will be offered competently from a single source.
  • It comprehensively meets its obligations to cover all possible ways to retrieve information (risk provisioning, reduction of liabilities and risk of criminal liabilities).
  • Cautious and reserved whistleblower will be encouraged significantly to submit hints related to suspicion of crime or serious irregularities.


  • He chooses between a confidential personal contact and a written notification via a protected non traceable path.
  • He enjoys double protection of his identity: provided by an especially protected transmission path without option of tracing back as well as the lawyer’s duty of confidentiality and right to refuse to give evidence.
  • He may communicate via his mailbox without having to disclose his identity.
  • He is in easy position to confidentially consult the ombudspersons.

About us

Dr. Buchert & Partner is a law firm specializing in criminal law, which advices large and medium-sized businesses in all its many aspects of compliance management and in providing services as ombudspersons against corruption as well as other forms of economic crime.

Business Keeper AG with its BKMS® System has been protecting whistleblower as well as employers for more than 15 years in ways of technically and legally secured reporting paths for grievances and risks.

WhistProtect® unites know-how of experienced experts towards a whistleblower-system of a new kind and high efficiency.

Dr. Buchert & Partner Attorneys at Law

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